About the job

Our Team:

The Real Estate & Workplace Team aims to offer the best workplace experience to all Sanofi employees so that all of them can bring the best version of themselves to work.

To do so, we put Sanofi employees needs and wellbeing at the heart of all our strategic and investments decisions.

Our Sanofi workplace experience is rooted in hospitality principles and integrates the latest technologies to enable our employees to live a positive and inclusive work experience.

We believe that providing employees with innovative services and a well-supported workplace will help promote productivity, wellbeing, collaboration, innovation, and ultimately will result in greater employee engagement.

Main responsibilities:

The Workplace Experience (WX) Hyderabad Hub Occupational Health Nurse is responsible for leading the implementation of the India Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Occupational Health program, collaborating with Senior Management, Line Management and Residents to ensure the effective implementation of a proactive Occupational Health Management System ensuring compliance with local regulations and Sanofi HSE Requirements. Ensure accurate reporting of events, analysis of hazardous situation and make regular measurement of strategies and platforms to assure improvement where necessary.

Being the preferred point of contact for Sanofi employees on site for Occupational Health topics, he/she ensures an elevated workplace and employee experience, and monitors user satisfaction in regard with Workplace Wellness.

  • Occupational Risk Management and Control

  • Manage Medical Centre at the Hyderabad Hub, including Appointments and Equipment

  • Undertake Risk Assessments – Physical, Chemical, Biological, Psychological, Ergonomics – and put in place control measures to mitigate the identified risks

  • Be familiar with requirements for Emergency Care and First Aid

  • Coordinate Pre-employment Health checkups and periodical medical surveillance

  • Be closely acquainted with Wellness programs

  • Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

  • Conduct Health Education and Awareness Programs on Chemical Hazards, Ergonomics, Hearing Conservation, Biological Hazards, Tuberculosis, along with other Workplace health topics

  • Prepare and deploy Vaccination programs – e.g. Influenza, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, as per Risk Matrix

  • Carry out early diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid abnormalities, Hepatitis B, and other Occupational Diseases for the Residents at the Hub

  • Consult with Business Travelers and provide advice along with appropriate vaccinations

  • Medical Surveillance

  • Conduct Pre-employment Medical Surveillance and Fitness certification

  • Exposure specific periodical health check-ups for

  • Musculoskeletal risks, Pregnant women at work, Occupational allergens, working in confined spaces, Lone workers examination, Working at heights, Mould exposure, Welding, Grinding, Nanoparticles, Pest control, Thermal hazard, Noise exposure

  • Well-being and Quality of Life at Work

  • Deploy All Well (Wellness programs) on Nutrition, Physical Activity, Mental Health, Smoking Cessation, Obesity Management, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Cholesterol Management, Cancer Prevention, Heart Day, Kidney Day, World Health Day, World Diabetes Day, No Smoking Day, etc.

  • Provide advice to the Workplace Experience Catering Team on Food & Beverage topics, along with implementing the Green Apple (Healthy Eating) program

  • Conduct Employee Health Promotion and Protection, assist in defining health risks, both work and non-work related, and provide recommendations for optimal and value-added programs

  • Emergency Medical Support / First Aid Services / Crisis Management

  • Conduct First Responder / First Aid training programs and refresher training regularly

  • Ensure availability of Ambulance for emergencies

  • Maintain list of vulnerable Residents

  • Ensure the maintenance of the AEDs installed on site, including regular inspections for operability

  • Maintenance of First Aid boxes; ensuring appropriate and adequate provisions of contents along with checking the expiry dates, together with undertaking their regular replenishment

  • Keeping an updated list of Medical Clinics and Hospitals in the vicinity

  • Provide support and guidance in the management of Epidemic / Pandemic outbreaks in the area

  • Injury Management and Rehabilitation

  • Manage the Return-to-Work policy following injury or prolonged illness, including ensuring appropriate treatment of injuries and rehabilitation with Physiotherapy and appropriate job placement

  • Undertake Lost Time Accident and Injury Case reviews

  • Review and manage Restricted Work cases, together with Disability Management and Rehabilitation Programs for work-related injury and illness

  • Record Management and Reporting Requirements

  • Maintain Occupational Health Clinic operation module in Shield (Application)

  • Periodic reporting of health metrics as per Sanofi HSE requirements

  • Maintain Employee medical records as per Sanofi Standards, of which Privacy and Confidentiality are paramount

About you

  • Experience :

  • 5-10 years as an Occupational Health Nurse, preferably in a Corporate Hospital / Office or Industrial Occupational Health Clinic environment

  • Soft skills :

  • High Level of Integrity with a strong Sense of Responsibility

  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal abilities

  • Client & Service Oriented

  • Autonomous, with demonstrated self-directedness in ambiguous environments and ability to manage through influence

  • Has Empathy for others

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Pro-active, Agile, Readiness to go the "extra mile" in times of challenge and uncertainty

  • Creative solution seeking skills

  • Open minded, High capacity and willingness to engage across multiple disciplines

  • Teamwork oriented, with the ability to give & receive feedback & advice

  • Adaptability, Multitasking & Organizational skills, and likes to learn new things

  • Technical skills :

  • Meticulous Record Management and Reporting

  • Current certification in Occupational First Aid, CPR and AED use

  • Education :

  • Post-Graduate Degree in Nursing (Preferred)

  • General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)

  • Degree in Nursing (Minimum)

  • Languages : Proficiency in English & Telugu required, both spoken and written, with other local languages being highly beneficial